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more than one (fragile) thing at a time

Our publishing experiment with tabletwo productions has now reached fruition, but it is also still a work in progress.

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further disclosure:

muf architecture/art is part of and a catalyst to a huge, ever-changing, self-generated network of people, ideas, places and memories which we are trying to describe. The internet seems to be a perfect medium. So this website is an experiment in progress … it’s a filing cabinet that holds and organises our research. It seems like we’re reaching a crisis point – some parts are looking quite ugly and even confusing

One of our aims in the process of collection is to make it easier for visitors to the website to see and understand the variety and scope of muf’s work, and for the connections between things (such as strategic work and tangible outcomes) to become clearer

The first thing we found was a huge collection of pamphlets, books, maps, leaflets, strategic documents and other papers that no-one ever saw, but which reveal some of the depth of research, negotiation and analysis that goes into a muf project. This lead to the creation of  the Library

Presently we are making a complete list of in-office collaborators – if you’re missing please let us know – which we want to expand to encompass the wider field of collaboration (presenting this is hard on wordpress). So we have the trunk of  Family Tree and we’re going to start researching the branches, twigs and leaves

We wanted to visit all the muf projects, so we made a list of projects that can be visited and looked up the train and bus journeys. This inspired the muf architecture/art map of works, which at least shows where you can find the location of all existing projects, as well as the location of fleeting events and their memories. Some you can see, some you have to imagine

The Archive of past and present projects was already there – we are just trying to complete it, and make the connections between strategic work and tangible outcomes