muf architecture/art

Camel Road Playground

Local children and adults co-cliented muf in the refurbishment of a very run down, but much used playground in the Drew Road Estate, North Woolwich.

Alongside new and refurbished play equipment, the 740m2 space now includes an obstacle course, community planting beds, and an events area for street parties centred around a custom-built table tennis table.

Those well designed pieces of the original metal work play equipment and the surrounding fence were retained and reused, with bespoke metalwork fabricated by Mitre and Mondays to link the old with the new.

Planting was designed and undertaken by local resident and gardener Mo Parker. The table tennis table and bespoke seating were designed and built in the community with young people through a series of workshops.

Create London helped realise the project, securing funding from the Big Lottery and Veolia. As part of the design process muf supported residents to apply for grants from Newham’s Community Assembly and Create Your Docks.

“I have lived in Silvertown for 39 years and watched the playground rust into the ground and the small green being used as a toilet for dogs. Now, with the help of the design team, Create and local children, the garden is rising from the ground ”

Mo Parker, Drew road resident, co-designer and community gardener

“I remember playing here when I was a kid and 30 years on, nothing had changed, it was all just a bit more broken. What we have done is amazing, I never expected it to look so good”

Helen, Drew Road resident and co-designer